CultureCast #19: “Team that dares” with Bård Fyhn (In Norwegian)

Radical change, pandemic, war, market turbulence.

It is not easy to be a leader who must build the right culture now. The team culture will be absolutely crucial, but what will it now consist of?

Cracking the code on what needs to be done, both within the team and around the team, seems to be the center of gravity right now. More psychological security? Completely new type of management? More courage? Or simply hard work?

Our guest today has experience from operational service and leadership development in the Armed Forces for 15 years. He has, among other things, trained in management at the Naval Academy, led on a frigate and was part of many different team cultures. He is now a PhD candidate at NHH, is a very committed lecturer, blogger and, not least, an inspiration in the area of ​​psychological safety. His mission is that research around this should be made easily accessible, presented comprehensibly and have practical relevance. Now he is here with us to do it, welcome, Bård Fyhn!