CultureCast #21: The energy industry is changing with Chul Christian Aamodt, Commercial leader at Europower (In Norwegian)

The energy industry is undergoing major changes. Decarbonization, exploration, electrification, digitalization, the industry’s challenges are lined up. Value dilemmas such as secure energy supply to the EU or full mobilization of renewables require solid management and a culture that can think and act at the same time.

Communication and dissemination of insight and initiative for debate are more important than ever. But it must be managed, it must engage and not least contribute to better informed decisions.

My guest today is someone who took out an extra million kroner loan on the apartment to invest in his own workplace. He wants to engage and create discussion for the good of the energy industry and the general public. Today he is the host of the podcast TECHNOLOGY OPTIMISTENE. He is an investor, board member and father of young children. And today he is finally here as our guest. Welcome to us, commercial manager of Europower, Chul Christian Aamodt!