CultureCast #32:Listening and Leadership with Siri Langangen  (In Norwegian)



In this episode, we will shine a light on culture in one of Norway’s largest and most important businesses to really understand how they work with culture. After all, the large Norwegian businesses show the way in business, and must set the standard for how Norwegian business should be, also in terms of culture. Statkraft is a leading international company in hydropower and Europe’s largest supplier of renewable energy. The group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power and gas power and supplies district heating. Statkraft wants to promote fair and transparent markets and is a significant player in energy trading. A lot of responsibility!!! Now they have the culture, and we can’t wait to hear what it will be now, and an update about how the process has been😊 For bringing us something that is absolutely necessary to take the new culture and make money from ambition to action. Welcome to us, CHRO at Statkraft, Siri Langangen!