CultureCast #33: Being a founder with Kristian Bye (In Norwegian)


Being a founder is a demanding job, or perhaps best of all a lifestyle. There are always new ideas and solutions coming in, and there are always tasks going out. We are often faced with a difficult value dilemma, to which there is really no right or wrong answer. These choices are interesting, because they often lead us to some new value dilemmas and new possibilities.

Our guest today is the founder of several startups, perhaps the most important is BRIGHT Products with the solar lamp SunBell for the market of 1.3 billion people who live without electricity in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He helps other founders with mentoring and board positions, and is the author of the book “Frykt & Forventning”. He is described by Magnus Haug Wanberg – Founder and CEO reMarkable, “The fact that he’s fun, positive and connected adds even more value.” Welcome to us, founder, business developer and now founder and manager by BEDD, Kristian Bye!