CultureCast #34: Team development program that doubled the result with Lars Christian Larssen (In Norwegian)


Team performance and culture can seem stressful to people, because it triggers questions such as;
“What is our team culture really like?”

“What should it be like?”

“How do we get it so that it helps us achieve what we are here for? Do we need it? Or now, can we afford it?”

The question is really whether you can afford not to right now? In order to document the profitability of some of this, we have been looking for well-documented projects. Team development that doubled the result, we heard him talk about. He works in one of Norway’s coolest companies, well-leaned and very focused on the result. He works with development, has been part of Ousland Explorers and also an oxygen advantage coach. Welcome to us, Business Developer at Schibsted Media Group, Lars Christian Larssen!