Define the culture your strategy demands

Use predefined or custom culture codes to fit both what you already have and the new needs from the strategy.

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Product Feature 2.1-1

Create a culture code that aligns with your business ambition

Select from seven pre-defined culture codes or develop your own by incorporating values from your existing culture and the values required by your new strategy.

Measure the alignment with the brand values

Understand how far away your actual culture is from the brand values. Use the insight to make informed decisions regarding team development, recruitment, leadership promotion, and other important aspects of your business.

Product Feature 2.2
Product Feature 2.3

Identify the gap between your actual and aspired culture

Uncover culture-strategy misalignment with your team or organization. Identify key values to prioritize for building your desired culture-aligned strategy

Get recommended actions for improvements

Receive actionable recommendations for the identified values where misalignment is most pronounced. Our platform precisely identifies the top three values that have the biggest gaps between the desired and actual culture.

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