Get insight into your actual culture

In one hour you will get insight into your actual culture. The process is simple; send out the survey and present the results of the values and mindsets that drive your organization.

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Product Feature 1.1

Gather your culture data through a seamless process

Quickly onboard your team members and gain insight into your actual culture through value prioritization among 100 unique values for your team or organization.

Visualize your culture data

Identify the top and bottom prioritized values of your team or organization with the premade graphs. Get insight into team mindsets and alignment with strategic culture codes.

Product Feature 1.2
Product Feature 1.3 with Shadowrounded

Assess culture through team and industry comparison

Understand how each team within your organization are different from each other. Gain context and insights into your culture by comparing it with different industries and norm groups.

Empower members with a personalized report

Inspire members to take charge of culture development and adapt to strategic goals through individual reports. Offer clear visibility into personal values.

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FAQ about Culture Hackathon

Why should I measure the actual culture?

Measuring the actual culture is important because it enables you to better understand the values that influence your personal life and how they align with corporate values. It also helps you to identify the values you need in order to be the best person you can possibly be in your life.

What kind of insights do I get about the actual culture?

You can get insight into values priorities, mindset distribution, and culture alignment.

Are actual culture insights included in all plans?

Yes, insights into actual culture are included in all plans.

How can I import the list of my team members?

You can either manually import your team member one by one or you can do a bulk import using the Excel template.

What kind of data is included in the Norm Group?

The Culture Intelligence Norm Group includes data from over 8000 individuals from Norway and Sweden, including executives, middle management, and non-reports.

How can I know what each value and mindset means?

You can click on each value and mindset to know more about what it means and how you can improve it.