Frequently Asked Questions

Why is culture important?

Culture is documented to have a significant impact on performance. It shows up as a critical factor for team collaboration, learning and innovation, which heavily impact strategy implementation, organizational change and effective restructuring.

A business culture is not easy to see, and is by default challenging to measure, monitor and manage. By visualizing the values in a team, a better shared understanding of the Actual culture is likely. This enables the team a data driven process for cultural development and optimisation towards an Aspired team culture to match the business strategy.

So, how do you measure the culture?

The Culture Intelligence digital platform is based on a diversity of the most relevant theories from values research, and 20 years’ experience from this field. The model consists of 100 values, with each value being clearly defined. Each value belongs to one of the seven mindsets. The Culture Intelligence reports visualize your values, preferred mindset, and the culture you most align with.

The Culture Intelligence framework has been developed from published academic research and models with integration of experience in using values in consultancy for 20 years. The values mapping, customisations and report design in Culture Intelligence platform are initially crafted on the Hall Tonna values system model.

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What is Culture Intelligence?

Culture Intelligence is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that allows a leader to map the existing culture in a few hours. The leaders can:

  • Map the existing culture with the help of survey
  • Compare it to a desired strategic culture with the help of strategic custom code
  • Provide the team and each person with a plan to contribute to the culture shift with the help of our data visualization and reporting tool.

Where can I get the information about pricing?

To get the right plan and pricing for your team please contact us at

Do I need to have statistics / technical background to use the Culture Intelligence platform?

No, you do not need to have any statistics/technical background. The platform is self-explanatory and user manual in our help page will be your best friend. In case you need personal support, you can contact us

Is it possible to integrate the Culture Intelligence platform with other applications through API?

Unfortunately, our infrastructure is not yet ready to accommodate this feature. If you want to have this feature in future, please send us an email

What kind of data are collected during the survey?

We collect two different types of data: i) Demographics ii) Value Preference

How long do you keep the participants data?

How do I start using the platform?

Once you have signed the contract, you will be given a username to login in the platform. Depending on the user right you have, you will be able to create survey, send survey, visualize the data, and send the report to the participants.