CultureCast #10: “What kind of values do we need to succeed with challenging trips with Aleksander Gamme (In Norwegian)

Now all companies really need to focus on something positive, and then they ask themselves; what kind of culture do we need to develop further? And it boils down to something we need to focus more on while we’re on the go. Something we believe in. Something that is valuable to us, namely values!

To talk about this, I have brought with me one who has really been a lot along the way. He has had to think hard about values ​​for long periods of time because in 2011/2012 he completed the world’s longest ski trip without supplies and assistance. With this trip, he became the first in the world to complete the last milestone in Antarctica – to go from the coast to the pole and back again. He has also climbed Mt. Everest and a number of other high mountains. He has ridden a tandem bicycle in the Sahara, flown with helium balloons, paddled Lake Mjøsa in a bathtub, and trained as a safari guide in South Africa. Now he spreads adventurousness and joy in the business world through exciting events and development races with the company Sensum Experience. Welcome to us, Aleksander Gamme!