CultureCast #12: “Difference between traditional oil culture and the renewable culture” with Hans Jakob Hegge

The oil world is changing, Norway is no exception. This means that oil companies are now focusing more on renewable energy solutions, ref Equinor’s recently published strategy. The companies seek to expand into new segments, related to, among other things, low-carbon solutions and renewable energy. An example is Equinor’s new strategy for Energy transition. Another example in the industry is the acquisition company HitecVision, which is known for buying up, restructuring, building up and selling various types of companies within energy, and especially oil and gas. This is challenging as the companies largely consist of the same or are staffed up from traditional oil companies to a large extent. We are incredibly interested in how that transition is possible at all?

To talk about this, I have been fortunate to speak with Hans Jakob Hegge, who a year ago was hired as the new CFO of the Oil Service and Supplier Group Moreld, which is controlled by HitecVision. The exciting thing is that Hans Jakob has worked in Equinor for the past 25 years in several different roles. He is therefore absolutely perfect to shed light and comments on the issue of cultural transition from oil companies to renewable companies.

Welcome to us, Hans Jacob Hegge!