CultureCast #14: “Social responsibility and corporate responsibility – what differences in culture?” with Sally Kemble (In Norwegian)

Society is changing after the pandemic. We have succeeded in a lot over the two years, but we have really not achieved anything. Before, the focus was on increased productivity and efficiency, while now interdisciplinarity, collaboration, diversity and innovation are needed. Paradoxically, it is something we have lost most of through the pandemic. So how do we now recreate a culture of innovation, interdisciplinarity, innovation and growth in society? Is it at all possible to build in a social mission where it is included?

To talk about it, we have brought with us someone who has lived her entire working life in large organizations, familiar with subcultures and different nuances. She is trained for cultural work, and has already turned around in several large projects. Now she works in a modern technology company whose ambition is to be a community builder, such as project management, flexible methodology, service design and change management, and culture is relevant in almost all assignments. Welcome to us, consultant at Bouvet, Kemble Sally