CultureCast #2: “What roles does culture have in the financial industry?” with Anders Hvide (Norwegian)

Culture is possibly the most obsolete word used in business right now, and it is often difficult to document whether it is profitable and wise. Perhaps especially, this concept is difficult for the financial industry, which is used to having very measurable currency and data one can count on. But the financial industry is often involved in investments in start-ups, boards and M&A.

To talk about this, I have been fortunate to have one of the most culturally intelligent financial experts I know of, Anders Hvide in Pharos Advisors. Anders has not only worked in Pareto, but also as an investor shown financial expertise through several successful investments and acquisitions. He is an investor and chairman of several start-ups, and we are actually one of the lucky ones to have him on the owner’s side. Welcome to us, Anders!