CultureCast #8: “What kind of culture is needed to build a brand?” with Marie Mostad (In Norwegian)

An important effect of culture is to build solid brands, culture is a kind of inside of your brand. We believe that solid branding in culture is therefore needed to build brands. Branding has long been a major industry, building on traditional methods. Now there are also new ways to influence the market. We’re talking about influencers.

To talk about this, we have brought with us someone who has helped to establish influencers in the Nordic region, who is now looking at the global market. She is now herself an important influencer in the Norwegian start-up environment. In addition to leading, she is part of Investeringsfondet byFounders and she contributes generously and actively to other startups growing. Among other things, we are so lucky to have her on our advisory board. Welcome to us, Marie Mostad!