CultureCast #9: “What kind of culture is important to create Psychological safety?” with Carina Carl, Organizational Psychologist (In Norwegian)

After two years of pandemic, illness, quarantine, vaccine queue and home office, we are now in the hybrid everyday life. People are not quite back in the office, but are not very afraid of infection anymore. We live in a kind of standstill, where we wait for the whistle to blow and we can return to normal. But what has happened to us during this period? Is it naïve to think that we will return to normal? Maybe we’re already there, that this is exactly what the new normal is? To talk about this, we have brought with us someone who is interested in working life, has been involved in developing concepts, products in psychology that are needed to stand in this, and be a better version of themselves in everyday life. She has published several books, she is a highly sought after speaker and a highly acclaimed psychologist. Welcome to us, Carina Carl!