Culture Intelligence at HR Tech 2021

Our CEO Tone S. Ringstad is going to held a presentation at HR Tech 2021 on September 9.

The rapid changes ahead request new ways of working in most companies. Covid recovery alone is a big challenge and in addition the digital transformation is only increasing in complexity, and building a more sustainable business has not been less important either. Changing ways of work depends on culture, and the more compatible to change the culture is, the faster and cost effective the change will be. A culture code is an ambition that represents an aspired culture, one that is perfect for what the company wants to do. In the presentation Tone will share insights in how to build culture codes and how to apply them to existing HR processes.

HR Tech 2021 will assist you who are concerned with trends, services and practical use within HR Tech. The field of HR Tech requires a proactive and cross-disciplinary role. At the same time, it is important that HR manages to navigate well and quickly in an ever-changing landscape in order to be relevant in its support of the company, managers and employees.

HR Tech 2021