CultureCast #35: The Silicon Valley Culture with Eilif Trondsen

Silicon Valley is a dream, for many, but most for me. It is known for its pay-it-forward culture, bonanza for startups and a center of gravity for learning and growth. I fell in love with it during my exchange year in high school, and I later founded Culturengine there, with my co-founder Per. I sat in the cafeteria in Stanford Campus for a week, just soaking in the atmosphere. I have visited Nordic House and met with Gro and Åse, and have been in board meetings with Silicon Vikings. I came very close to move over and stay.

My guest today did exactly that. He has made it into Stanford Research Institute, he did live in Palo Alto. He has worked as an Adjunct Professor at 3 different Silicon Valley colleges and universities. He now owns the tagline that if you are through learning, you are through!

 Welcome to us, Ph.D. in Learning, Innovation and Virtual Technologies, Director Emeritus, Silicon Vikings and Strategic Business Insights, Eilif Trondsen!