CultureCast #41 Styrets betydning for organisasjonskultur | Bente Solid Storehaug, Digital Hverdag

We don’t shine a light on leaders; we illuminate the boards! Our goal is to encourage more boards to engage in building the necessary culture to contribute optimally to organizations. The boardroom seems to have been left untouched by both cultural discussions and value orientations. However, with the rising curve of people analytics, the time has come!

What role does the board actually play in building the right culture? Can board members be chosen based on values rather than resumes? Will we be seeking different types of board members in the future, individuals who represent a different culture? And how can we achieve this without exceeding the risk profiles?

My guest today is a true board veteran. She is also an internet pioneer, guide, and founder. She established Digital Hverdag in 1999, which later transformed into Bouvet, where she became the CEO and led an exit. Subsequently, she took on numerous significant board assignments, including Hafslund, Eika, and Orgbrain, among others. In recent years, she has lectured at BI and has been actively involved in the Boards Impact Forum. She serves as a mentor to several startups and CEOs, undoubtedly accomplishing much more than this.