CultureCast #40 Resilient Leadership: Thriving in Times of Disruption I Karsten Drath, Managing Partner at Leadership Choices

All disruptions come down to a “new way of working,” which sets new directions and processes for people in the company. For companies to maintain their performance and growth in the future, to continue attracting the right people, keeping their best customers, and growing their business, they need an organization that will thrive in this mess. One thing we know for sure is that the more resilient you are, the better chance of survival you have!

Resilience is not a new issue, but it has become the hottest issue in leadership development. Our guest today has been working on leadership resilience for over 10 years and has been an advocate for helping leaders bounce back from hard times. He has held numerous international management positions at Accenture and Dell before starting his company, Leadership Choices. He has also written several articles and books on the subjects of coaching, resilience, and authenticity, including “Coaching und seine Wurzeln” (Coaching and its Roots) and “Resilient Leadership.”

Karsten and Tone met at the Center for Creative Leadership, and today we are thrilled to have him here. Welcome to our show, Around-the-World Cyclist, Entrepreneur, Founder, Managing Partner, and Coach, Karsten Drath!