Our vision

Our vision is to put a culture code in every company in the business universe.

Our belief about culture

This vision is built on a deep belief that culture is critical to have right, and every leader has the opportunity to get that right in his or her way to make their team as good as possible.

In a personal way, the culture code allows the leader to reflect on their own personal values, how they conduct themselves and their leadership, and in this way they become not only better leaders but better people.

Better people make better businesses, and better businesses impact society in better ways. This way we make this world a better place.

Our Values

New ways

We are in business to help leaders understand their culture, to make it more valuable to their business. We constantly search to find new ways to explore and innovate how to make culture their competitive advantage. In a visionary perspective, we design ways for business teams to move forward into a better version of themselves.


We partner with our customers and partners to understand their needs and ambitions to ensure their input to the culture code. In a collaborative way, we create synergy between the parts of a project so the outcome is better that any of the parts could have done by themselves. In this approach, we seek to understand the customer needs and not only accept their wants.


We have a strong commitment to be the thought leaders in the culture business. Our radar is on in any part of the business arena to identify and learn from researchers, large management consultancies and other smart niche companies who are engaged in values and culture. In our approach, we come across interesting sources of new insight so we can learn and improve our own approach. We are global learners, with a deep desire to share the best of that with our ecosystem


We work with ingrained individual values, something that is very personal and highly sensitive to each person. We have a solid grip on information security and GDPR, and we start every project by building trust and accountable ways to deliver our services. We show up with integrity and take the ethical part into the professional approach anywhere we are involved. In that sense, we also have the right to say no to customers if we don’t see that their business is ethical.

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