Aligning culture to strategy

We deliver a Saas platform that empowers leaders to understand, measure and redesign culture to enable business growth.

Within a few hours leaders can map the existing culture, compare it to a desired strategic culture, and provide the team and each employee with a plan to contribute to the culture shift.

Business Culture Intelligence Report 2021

We are proud and excited to publish the  Business Culture Intelligence Report 2021.

We have lived in unprecedented times the past 18 months, both personally as well as professionally. The report will show the data we have analyzed on how the pandemic has impacted the Nordic business culture. Most importantly, the report shows how the impact was different in different age groups, genders and leadership levels.

Why data-driven culture development?

More than 70% of leaders know that culture is the key to improve their performance, but less than 30% have a plan to do something about it (Korn Ferry).

The root cause is the lack of scientific data, standard frameworks and evidence-based playbooks. We offer a data-driven approach to the problem.

Is your culture aligned with the company strategy?

The culture of your organisation can be your biggest asset or your biggest barrier. Who you are and what you stand for is a key differentiator of both business performance and brand reputation.

Our baseline culture mapping takes only an hour (!) and provides a documentation of the actual culture of your company. The baseline report is a decision-making tool about people and culture.



… of all mergers fail (McKinsey & Company). Cultural mismatch may be an important reason for this.

70% of executives say that culture is the key to improved performance. (McKinsey & Company)


… of millennials say culture is more important than salary. (Bersin by Deloitte)

Without the scientific approach to define and develop our culture based on common core values, I do not think we would have reached our ambitions in research, in patient treatment, and after some years also economically. Prof. Sigbjørn Smeland, MD, PhD , Head Division of Cancer Medicine, Oslo University Hospital
Without a scientific management of our culture over the last 10 years, there is no way we would have been where we are today. Peter Jenkins, CEO 4SUBSEA