Culture analytics that empower your people

Make an impact on your company culture by a data-driven culture journey. Our SaaS platform empowers leaders to understand, measure and redesign culture to enable business growth.

Know your culture

The actual culture is expressed by the prioritized values, preferred mindset and alignment to standard culture code of an organization. To work better together you must know

  • Who you are as an individual
  • Who you are together as a team
  • Where you want to be

The actual culture is identified in only an hour through a culture hackathon, where people in the team or entire organization goes through the survey independently, but simultaneously.


Assess and benchmark company culture

– Where you are today –

  • Apply proprietary diagnostics to measure culture based on facts
  • Compare the results with the aspired culture and relevant industry culture benchmarks
  • Identify the gap that needs to be closed between actual and desired culture

Shift culture for better strategic performance

– Where you want to go –

  • Design strategic culture codes to create a stronger strategic fit
  • Align the organization to the culture codes.
  • Create ownership in new ways of working to ensure that the culture codes are effectively implemented.

Empower leaders in culture journey

– How to get there –

  • Manage culture transformation in four steps along a culture journey
  • Step 1: Build awareness around the current culture
  • Step 2: Assess the actual culture
  • Step 3: Align the organization to the aspired culture
  • Step 4: Activate new values, attitudes, and behaviours to bring about the desired culture transformation

Is your culture aligned with the company strategy?

The culture of your organisation can be your biggest asset or your biggest barrier. Who you are and what you stand for is a key differentiator of both business performance and brand reputation.

Our baseline culture mapping takes only an hour (!) and provides a documentation of the actual culture of your company. The baseline report is a decision-making tool about people and culture.



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We are looking forward to future collaboration in IMC’s strive to achieve the mission in becoming a true innovation partner for our customers. Culture intelligence provides a perfect tool to analyze an organisation’s absorptive capacity – key element in innovation and change management. Geir Andreassen, Managing Partner at Inmeta Management Consulting
Without the scientific approach to define and develop our culture based on common core values, I do not think we would have reached our ambitions in research, in patient treatment, and after some years also economically. Prof. Sigbjørn Smeland, MD, PhD , Head Division of Cancer Medicine, Oslo University Hospital