Why start with the actual culture?

Actual culture is expressed by the prioritised values, preferred mindset and alignment to a standard culture code of an organisation.

Actual culture in just one hour

The actual culture is identified in only an hour through a culture hackathon, where people in the team – or entire organisation – are going through the survey independently, but simultaneously.

Pre-pandemic times we were all in a room together, but during the pandemic we have worked online. Both are effective. After the last person completes the survey, the results can be displayed for all.

The idea of culture insight taking way too long is indeed proven wrong!

The advantages with actual culture data

  • You have updated overview of the culture at all times
  • You can abandon assumptions, hopes and dreams about own team culture and replace it with knowledge
  • Culture analytics is used as decision support for urgent change needs
  • You have established the foundation for culture development and journeys
  • You can easily zoom in or out on new insights and alignments
  • All data are updated according to organisational changes
  • You can track team cultures over time
  • Increasing culture insight, analytics and effect will build your culture ROI over time

The survey questionnaire is based on 100 unique values and takes 25-30 minutes to finish. It consists of 8 demographic questions and 100 values questions each containing 4 value statements. Each value is designed to an action describing what it will be like if this specific value is put into action. Through a systematic selection of 100 values, the user selects their personal set of prioritised values.

Example: Which value below is most important to you?

  1. Express my opinion
  2. Be with friends
  3. Collaborate within the team
  4. Innovate new solutions

Example: It is most important to me to:

  1. Be helpful
  2. Challenge others
  3. Take care of my family
  4. Build a team