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 Whether you're an expert in cross-cultural communication, a business looking to expand globally, or a consultant specializing in business culture, we invite you to join us in our mission to bridge the gap between cultures and build a more connected world. 

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The platform provides a good basis for systematic and structured work based on actual data. Our favorite function of the product is the insight into top priority values, mindset, culture map, and flexibility in relation to the construction of cultural codes.

Vibeke Forgaard and Siv Skjæveland Valseth, Co-founders at Unlock Potential

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Our Values

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We help leaders understand and enhance their culture to create a competitive advantage. Through exploration and innovation, we design visionary ways for business teams to evolve into a better version of themselves.


We partner with our customers and partners to understand their needs and ambitions, ensuring their input in our culture code. Through collaboration, we create synergy in projects, resulting in a superior outcome. Our approach focuses on understanding customer needs, not just their wants.


We strive to be thought leaders in the culture business by constantly seeking insights from researchers, management consultancies, and niche companies engaged in values and culture. We learn from these sources to improve our own approach and share the best with our ecosystem.


We prioritize individual values and uphold information security and GDPR. Our projects are built on trust and accountability, with integrity and an ethical approach. We reserve the right to decline customers whose businesses are not ethical.