How it works: The Process

To power culture you need a structured approach. A culture strategy is a guided
journey through the complex field of cultural development, from where you are
to where you want to be. 

Research behind Culture Intelligence

The Culture Journey


Raising awareness about the cultural project and its potential impact on the business. What drives our focus on culture? How does it align with our strategy?

Main features

  • Videos explaining background and how values impact culture and performance
  • Videos on myths and misconceptions
  • Digitized training program for superusers
  • 50+ podcasts addressing the importance of values and culture from different perspectives
  • Learning Lab with knowledge on our website
  • Live or streamed presentations for customer employees prior to starting survey
Process Awareness

Actual culture

Today’s culture is surveyed and visualised. Identifying the preferred mindset and high priority values of your culture will create a shared understanding of who you are as a company.

Main features

  • Sign up and registering participants
  • Introduction to the survey
  • Conducting the survey / Hackathon
  • Personal mini-report to each participant
  • Visualization of the data from the survey
  • Explanations to data and findings

Product Feature 1.2

Aspired culture

What type of culture is necessary for achieving success with your strategy? A well-aligned cultural roadmap that best suits your organization will help to synchronize actions and concentrate the leadership's efforts.​

Main features

  • Clarify the strategic goals for the company 
  • Define what cultural elements would support achieving the goals for the strategy
  • Workshops or extracting cultural aspects from existing documentation
  • Translate to the specific values in our system
  • Use predefined culture codes or create custom strategic Culture Code and Brand Values
  • Visualize alignment between actual and aspired culture
Process Aspired


The gap between your existing culture and your cultural ambition will trigger actions. Assigning roles and responsibilities in building the new culture is fuelled by precise and coordinated personal assignments.

Main features

  • Identify most important priorities for increased awareness for either company, team or individual
  • Establish timeline for change process
  • Initiate prioritized activities 
  • Monitor and follow up progress
  • Integrate in companies ongoing HR and strategic processes (Annual wheel)


Process Action