Understand, measure, and redesign your culture

Find the culture your strategy requires. Use our AI tool to move from your actual culture to your aspired culture.

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Culture Hackathon™ 

Quickly onboard your team members and gain insight into your actual culture through value prioritization among 100 unique values for your team or organization.

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Build a culture code

Select from seven pre-defined culture codes or develop your own by incorporating values from your existing culture and the values required by your new strategy. Measure the alignment with the brand values.

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Bridge the gap with actionable insights

Close the gap between actual and aspired culture with actionable insights backed by scientific research work on the values that you want to improve.

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AI-Powered Expertise

When available, Culture Copilot will be there to answer your culture related questions based on our expertise, knowledge and research papers. In 2024, the Copilot will become smarter as we go, bringing you further insight into your organization culture and providing guidance on how to move closer to your aspired culture.

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Gain complete access control

Easily control which team members can access individual survey data versus aggregated group data, allowing for precise data privacy management.

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Abandon guesswork about your culture

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