What we offer

We deliver the Culture Intelligence platform, a unique and easy-to-use digital service that empowers leaders to digitise, optimise and expand their culture to impact business performance.

The Growth Journey

The Growth Journey is a series of deliverables that builds an optimal culture for developing the business in alignment to strategy. Everything we do is research-based and driven by data analytics.

  1. The Take-Off phase starts with an individualized awareness-building session.
  2. Through a fun and effective Culture Hackathon, you gather accurate, unbiased data for understanding your actual culture. This is baseline mapping.
  3. Next you determine the aspired culture that aligns with business strategy and goals using our Culture Code tools and process.
  4. The Value Creation phase is connecting actual and aspired culture with a series of targeted tools, activities, and action points to generate business growth.


Culture Hackathon

– Where you are today –

  • ANNUAL REPORT // Year-end reporting
  • CULTURE BENCHMARK // Comparing to others
  • BASELINE MAPPING // The starting point for culture development

Culture journeys

– Where you want to go –

  • COMPANY BRAND // Supporting strategy
  • TEAM PERFORMANCE // Improving achievements
  • PERSONAL LEADERSHIP // Values-driven approach to people management

Culture analytics

– Special projects –

  • M&A // Faster merging companies
  • RESTRUCTURING // Realigning cultures
  • RECRUITING FOR CULTURE // Identifying teams and candidates

Culture baseline

Data-based insights about the current values and culture

Business growth with culture development

The Culture Intelligence SaaS platform with its powerful blend of technology and subject-matter expertise converts culture data into actionable knowledge.

We aim to simplify change for leaders, HR and employees. The combination of a culture playbook, digital platform and certified partners allow any company to build their own customised culture journey.

Using the company’s datasets and culture codes, leaders can easily see where their culture is doing well, and where they can improve.

Culture’s impact on share price

A company with an engaged culture has 65% greater share-price increase (Queen’s University Centre for Business Venturing)

Culture’s impact on retention

A company with an engaged culture has 26% less employee turnover (Queen’s University Centre for Business Venturing)

What problem are we solving?

Leaders lack data, language and framework for culture development. It is complex to understand and difficult to know what to do. Therefore, cultural change seems risky, it takes too long to implement, and it often goes wrong.

We exist to make culture easier to understand, faster to change and more aligned to business metrics.

As values drive motivation, value-driven organisations are also great places to work. Creating the right culture will attract talent and improve retention of the right people. Understanding who the right people are, and what they bring of value, is simply essential.

CASE STUDY // Oslo University Hospital, Cancer Division

In a before-and-after measurement it was documented an increased capacity to:

  • make timely decisions
  • share responsibility
  • think and plan strategically
  • learn and develop new competencies
  • create cost efficiencies
  • initiate and manage change

In the annual Oslo University Hospital surveys for all clinics, comparable results to other clinics improved. Talents grew to take on heavier leadership roles and team effectiveness improved.

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