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Our relationship doesn’t end with the signed contract. Our Customer Success team handles account set-up, training, and continued success.

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What To Expect



Acces our learning lab and Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize the results and implement diverse values that align with your strategic objectives


Account Set-Up

Our support team will set up your organization on our platform. Easily add your team members and have full control over assigning admin roles.


Send survey

Participants will be presented with 100 unique values in random order and will be asked to prioritize one value out of four different options each time.


Ongoing support

Ongoing technical and advisory support is provided, ensuring you are never left alone post-onboarding. We will make sure you get the most.

Get Certified

One of our culture advisors will take you through our certification program where you will get in-depth knowledge about culture in four different modules:

  1. Culture Awareness
  2. Actual Culture
  3. Aspired Culture
  4. Action Planning

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Onboarding Account Setup

Account Set-up

We will create your organization profile in the platform and you will be invited to join your organization as an admin. Once you have access to your organization profile, you can:

  • Invite your fellow team members and give them the opportunity to manage the project.

  • Import all your team members at once, in bulk.

  • Categorize your team members based on different factors like team, department, and seniority.
Learn about different admin roles

Send values survey

There are 100 values ​​in the model. Each value is linked to a definition. These are presented in a random order, and you are asked to prioritize the statement that best describes what is most important to you. The selected statement is linked to a value that you then vote on. Here is an example:

It is most important to me to:

  • show helpfulness
  • challenge others
  • take care of the family
  • build a team

Your choice of one of the four gives you a score on the related value. There is no right or wrong answer

Learn more about the survey structure
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Customer support

Ongoing support

Support is available even after onboarding.

Our comprehensive help articles will address most of your queries. In case you have any other questions related to our product, our dedicated support team is here to assist you during regular office hours.

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