Culture Intelligence Framework

The Culture Intelligence framework is developed from academic research, published models, and 20+ years of values and culture applications in leadership development, strategy implementation, and organizational improvement.


We have leaned on publications like these:

Reference Books

The legacy of Hall Tonna

The HT model has given research and inspiration for our obsession to bring forward the value of values. We strongly believe values have a significant role in business. By making it explicit, we empower leaders to work with it.

Insights from diverse models and research

The development of Culture Intelligence has been inspired by various published models such as Brian Hall and Benjamin Tonna, Robert Keegan, Bill Torbert and Fredric LaLaux  have all inspired and given insights to the framework. Customer feedback has been actively incorporated to drive innovations in new processes and data design.

People and pC
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Applying Culture Intelligence across business segments

Culture Intelligence recognizes that different business segments and brands face unique market challenges, leading to varying business operations. And develop different cultures. However, at the core of strategy and leadership, there are similarities in needs, processes, and ambitions. ​

The data-driven approach of Culture Intelligence empowers organizations to effectively share and expand competence to build new knowledge, making them more effective and adaptable in today's dynamic business landscape.

Our research projects

  • Prime-Rose – EU-funded collaboration
  • Cyberculture – exploring the people part of risk
  • Renewable culture – how can the energy transition accelerate
  • ESG culture – how can company social sustainability be documented by culture
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