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22. June 2022 | Video
Changing organizational culture – Why it is so challenging?
It is difficult to change organizational culture when leaders are not able to communicate clearly why they need another culture.
20. June 2022 | Video
What is culture for business?
Although those perks of course help and represent some sort of culture they are really not the core of a culture that we are looking at in business.
19. November 2020 | Video
Let’s Talk Leadership – Ep 25: “Culture in organisations” with Tone S. Ringstad
In this episode our CEO Tone Ringstad joined UK based “Let’s Talk Leadership” with Matthew Hunter and Brit Van to discuss culture in organisations.
18. November 2019 | Video
Future Cultures: Designing tomorrows workforce – AIM NORTHS SYMPOSIUM 2019
Our CEO and founder Tone S. Ringstad holding a presentation during AIM North Symposium 2019 at Oslo Metropolitan University.
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