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16. June 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #42 Energibransjen er I kraftig endring I Øivind Askvik, CEO i LEDE
Energibransjen er i stor endring. Nettselskap møter desentralisert kraftproduksjon og digitalisering, sokkelen skal elektrifiseres, prisene er...
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16. June 2023 | Event
Leading your culture journey with the Culture Copilot
How to build a culture for uncertain time with culture data and AI? We will share examples of how leaders can use AI-powered tools to navigate.
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30. May 2023 | E-book and Report
The Culture Playbook
A comprehensive guide that provides you with the tools and templates necessary to understand, define, and align your actual and desired culture.
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24. May 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #41 Styrets betydning for organisasjonskultur
Styrerommet ser nemlig ut til å ha fått være i fred for både kulturdiskusjoner og verdiorienteringer. Men nå på den stigende kurven av people...
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8. May 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #40 Resilient Leadership: Thriving in Times of Disruption
Disruptions spur innovation, crucial for growth. Today's leaders need resilience. Our 10+ years experienced guest emphasizes bouncing back from...
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3. May 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #39 Norway’s Oil Industry: Enegry Transformation, Culture and...
The oil industry is undergoing major change, and the energy transformation has been described as the biggest industry paradigm shift in Norwegian...
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24. April 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #38:Digital Norge: Empowering ledere og team
Digitalisering er ikke nytt, men vokser fortsatt. Alle bransjer opplever disrupsjon og trenger utvikling, innovasjon og ny kultur.
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24. April 2023 | Case Study
Kulturutvikling hos Studentsamskipnaden Sørøst-Norge med Culture Intelligence
Hvordan Studentsamskipnaden Sørøst-Norges brukte Culture Intelligence for å utvikle en ønsket kultur og verdiformulering
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17. April 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #37 Utvikling av kultur for å Lede og trene best i verden I Jarle...
Performance culture is a frequently discussed topic, and the key to achieving success lies in understanding what is required and how to reach the...
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4. April 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #36: Navigating through change with Frode Odegard
2022 was just another turbulent year. 94% predict significant change in their business models. CEOs are worried about losing talent, industry...
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27. March 2023 | Podcast
CultureCast #35: The Silicon Valley Culture with Eilif Trondsen
Silicon Valley is a dream, for many, but most for me. It is known for its pay-it-forward culture, bonanza for startups and a center of gravity for...
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27. March 2023 | Case Study
Unlock Potential ga positive kundresultater med Culture Intelligence
Unlock Potential har oppnådd positive resultater hos kunder ved kulturintelligens. Felles verdier, lederplattform og kultur er etablert.
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