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1. February 2021 | Podcast
Tone Ringstad var med å finne Norges første olje
Tone Ringstad startet som geofysiker i Exxon, var med å finne Norges første olje.
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27. January 2021 | Media
Culture Intelligence featured in The Explorer
First, the platform identifies a company’s actual culture through participation in a customised culture survey, where the key culture drivers are...
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19. November 2020 | Video
Let’s Talk Leadership – Ep 25: “Culture in organisations” with Tone S. Ringstad
In this episode our CEO Tone Ringstad joined UK based “Let’s Talk Leadership” with Matthew Hunter and Brit Van to discuss culture in organisations.
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17. September 2020 | Article
How do you drive cultural innovations for the future?
Explore the importance of understanding underlying values and building relational capital for a more balanced and connected world.
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11. September 2020 | Article
Engaging Leadership bridging values and mindsets
Values matter. How to use them to support individuals, teams, organizations, and global leadership?
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8. August 2020 | E-book and Report
Business Culture Intelligence Report 2020
Based on the findings presented in this report, we have documented that culture is scientifically approachable and provide critical business data
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3. April 2020 | Article
Are you leading a Red Zone Culture?
In just a few weeks, the world has changed. We have a flaming coronavirus, a financial crash and falling oil prices. In very many perspectives
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12. March 2020 | Article
Due diligence of cultural capital
The financial challenge lies in pricing and assessing the company's value. If key leaders depart, does its worth diminish?
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10. January 2020 | Article
How culture intelligent is your business?
We define Culture intelligence as the capability to gather quality data, analyze and understand the actual culture and the impact it has on people...
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10. December 2019 | Article
Future values?
Modern business is slowly responding the UN goals and every country and even company seem to have at least one goal linked to the UN scorecards.
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2. December 2019 | Article
Six steps for developing virtual team cultures
Learn how to develop effective virtual team cultures in six steps. Find out how to bridge the culture gap and create a successful virtual team...
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18. November 2019 | Video
Future Cultures: Designing tomorrows workforce – AIM NORTHS SYMPOSIUM 2019
Our CEO and founder Tone S. Ringstad holding a presentation during AIM North Symposium 2019 at Oslo Metropolitan University.
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