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3. September 2021 | Event
Culture Intelligence at HR Tech 2021
Changing ways of work depends on culture, and the more compatible to change the culture is, the faster and cost effective the change will be.
10. August 2021 | Article
People and IoT
The culture of an organisation is defined as the sum of the value priorities of all members of the organisation.
2. August 2021 | Article
It’s not what you know, it’s how you think
Understanding our pattern-seeking mind is the first step toward real wisdom.
14. July 2021 | Article
Do you find culture complicated?
Culture is not complicated, but it is complex. So, in all complex matter, relevant data makes it easier to understand.
12. May 2021 | Article
The north star of culture development
Companies that are really really good at what they do, where people own the purpose of the company, thrive in the ambitions and do whatever they can
11. May 2021 | Article
Default or designing culture?
Culture may be your biggest help or your worst nightmare. For business leaders, it introduces a great risk, as strategies and project implementation
29. April 2021 | Article
The hard core of future business is soft
he global workforce is changing to be more digital, global, diverse, tech-savvy and present in social media.
15. April 2021 | Article
Culture due diligence in M&A
How could quality culture DD be carried out to decrease the risk of merger failure and support the integration process to get everyone quickly up to...
7. March 2021 | Media
Culture Intelligence i Finansavisen : “Avkler dårlig team”
Tone S. Ringstad ble omtalt i en av de ledende norske finansavisene, Finansavisen
18. February 2021 | Article
Culture hacking
Culture Hacking is increasingly drawing attention. In the Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey, 46% of respondents named culture as the biggest barrier to...
1. February 2021 | Podcast
Tone Ringstad var med å finne Norges første olje
Tone Ringstad startet som geofysiker i Exxon, var med å finne Norges første olje.
27. January 2021 | Media
Culture Intelligence featured in The Explorer
First, the platform identifies a company’s actual culture through participation in a customised culture survey, where the key culture drivers are...
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