CultureCast #27: Culture and Leadership – How does it actually fit together? Cathrine Foss Stene, Founder at SKAPr Consulting (In Norwegian)

Roles and responsibilities in all organizations change over time. External trends and internal culture will always influence which tasks and assignments are to be solved, and which roles are necessary to solve them. The undisputed most important role of them all is leadership. So impressionable, so exposed, so vulnerable, but also so full of power, possibilities and meaning. Culture and management – how are they actually connected?

My guest today has been a leader in large and exciting organisations. She has worked in Norway and Denmark, but has also flown around the world on leadership meetings in all the world’s cultural differences. she has been communications director and management developer in SAS, executive director in Manpower and schibsted and she has broad board experience. Still, one of the most exciting things is finding the best leadership talents every year. Welcome to us, Cathrine Foss Stene!