CultureCast #3: “How to mobilize leaders in culture change? ” with Anne Berit Rørlien (In Norwegian)

All companies talk about culture but not many have done as much with it as her. Culture is often described as fluffy and soft and is used in quotes as the soft side of business, but if you succeed in this you will succeed in most of the strategy. To talk about this, I have been fortunate to have one of the most culturally intelligent industry leaders I know of, Anne Berit Rørlien from Viken Fiber, part of the Lyse group. Anne Berit has previously worked as a consultant, been a leader in several fiber-related companies and holds many board positions in several industries. She is a tough challenger, from Voss, is not afraid to share her own opinions and has, among other things. taught several of us to eat narrow hawk and fly high in the wind tunnel! Welcome to Anne Berit Rørlien