CultureCast #23: Innovation Culture with Alexander Haneng, SVP Innovation Partnerships at Posten Norway (In Norwegian)


When changes are to be made in large systems, it is tempting to find someone who is innovative, who dares to think new things, and who drives through ideas and experiments that work and leave a mark. Usually, when these innovative thoughts hit the big organization, it is very often that the old idea wins but not always!

My guest today has experience from one large system, and has actually managed to build up a strong innovative environment. Today’s reality is that we must work together to create the new digital Norway, so we should also be able to meet across professional fields, he reports from his digital bar! He is a speaker, online trader, technologist and quite a few other things. He is SVP innovation partnerships at Posten, at full speed in colorful sneakers😊 Welcome to us, Alexander Haneng!